These weeks will get a short end too!
june 25, 2009
In order to exorcize the overlapping of biological reprises
such as the Pirate Party election, the creation of BoGround
and the new warmonger wave of european liberalism,
Metalmeccanici are back in the real world in concert

Metalmeccanici live for BoGround
friday 26 june 09
scandella via dei pretimorti 2, Bologna

PS the idea of nonfulfilment really fullfills the title of
The Fault of Default: the mixing of this new record will end
soon(er or later)
PPS It's already the second concert of the year. Record
PPPS Afterall there is no sunday without rehearsal

august 9, 2008

Earth is pierced by your bombs
tanks has fired to the plebs
no more place for the tombs
rotten corpses in the streets

mothers raped in the streets
while you laugh at their screams

So this is your
Big Mama Russia
blood red painted by the blood of her sons
your Big Mama Russia

blood is flowing from your hands
falling from cutted throat

So this is your blood red painted
Big Mama Russia
this is your blood red Russia
blood red painted by the blood of her sons
your Big Mama Russia

Deportation obliteration you have killed another nation
Deportate Obliterate how much nations can you hate

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march 24, 2008

Live for the MonsterFestivàl 12nd april 2008
9:00pm at ex Ex-Tirò via dei mille 25
Casalecchio di Reno - Bologna